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Do you need a will or trust?


You need a will or a trust if:

You have children under the age of 18 or you want to choose who will make decisions and choices on your behalf after you die or you do not want your assets distributed to your "heirs at law".


Only by creating your own Will or a Trust will you have the opportunity to:

    • Select who become the legal guardian for your minor children

    • Select who will receive your assets when you die.

    • Select who will be your representative after you die.

    • Reduce the legal hassles that your death will cause for your family.

All of these goals can be achieved with a Will or a Living Trust, but which one is right for you?

There is no simple answer.  Wills and Living Trusts each have certain advantages and disadvantages. You need the knowledge and experience of an attorney who has both drafted these documents and represented Estates and Trusts in court proceedings.


Brent Edward Vallens, has been an attorney for over 36 years.  He has written hundreds of Wills and Trusts and is an experienced litigator of Trusts and Estates.


There is no charge for consultations for wills and estate planning.  These services are provided on a flat fee basis after you select the documents you wish to have drafted for you. 

      Click here to see our fees for Wills and Trusts

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