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Homeowner Problems


When is the right time to contact a Lawyer for advice?




     You are buying or refinancing your home. You are handed 50 pages of documents to sign with most of the text in 8 point font or smaller. You wonder, what do these documents mean? You wonder,  do the documents properly describe what you think you are agreeing to?   You begin to wish that either your or your spouse was a lawyer.  After you get over the recriminations as to your choice of career...  You should  call a lawyer.

      You are about to hire a contractor to improve your home. The contractor either gives you a "boiler plate" contract with 10 pages of fine print or a handwritten "bid" on the back of an envelope. Will you be protected if there is a problem? Are there any contract terms you should ask for or insist upon? You've heard horror stories of home improvement jobs that went bad. Last night you awoke from a nightmare in which the contractor took all of your money and then quit in the middle of the job leaving you with an unobstructed view of the sky from your downstairs living room. After you have a brandy to settle your nerves....this is a good time to call a lawyer.

       Your neighbor started to build a new room onto his house. You just noticed that his new foundation is being dug within 1 foot of where you believe the property line is. The neighbor tells you that the fence between your property and his has always been in the wrong place. You realize that if the fence is moved to the new line that your neighbor claims is the correct property line, the new fence will run right through the middle of your Koi pond. Your Koi fish are beginning to panic....this is a good time to call a lawyer.

       Brent Vallens is an attorney who has over 36 years of experience representing people who are faced with these situations.  Brent Vallens has represented numerous borrowers, homeowners, contractors, developers, real estate brokers and escrow companies.  Brent Vallens has extensive experience in drafting real estate, construction and loan agreements.  He is also experienced in resolving disputes that arise from such agreements and litigating disputes when informal resolution is not possible. 

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