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           Legal services are expensive to purchase and expensive to provide.  We strive to keep both the client and ourselves constantly focused on the balance between the cost of the legal services provided and the value of the results obtained.


       We are here to help you with a wide range of legal needs.  If you have a legal question or concern, give us a call.  If the question involves a matter outside of our areas of expertise, we can direct you to a lawyer specializing in that area.

Our philosophy of the practice of law involves three goals:


- Work with the client to avoid situations  that will result in disputes and/or litigation.

- Encourage the client to evaluate the case from the perspective of balancing

  the costs of litigation vs. the value and/or costs of the results being sought.

- Seek to guide disputes into mediation or binding arbitration to minimize costs while obtaining a speedy resolution.

"The best advice a lawyer can give is advice that keeps his client out of court "


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